Winter in summer-land

In my previous post the Nepali connection,  I mentioned that my hosts in Kuala Lumpur had invited me to join their trip to Cameron highlands and that I had agreed to join them. In this post I shall write about that and rest of my stay in Malaysia.

Views on Cameron highlands


Cameron highlands

The gang that went to Cameron highlands included my host, co-host, their three friends  and two other couch surfers who were surfing with our hosts back at KL. So it was a small troop indeed. We had hired an apartment just outside the town of Tanah Rata.

View of tanah rata town from our apartment

Cameron highlands is an interesting place in that it’s perpetually cool, because it is at an altitude. Most of Malaysia is hot and humid due to its location on the equator. It is also a place where it can rain with least amount of warning. Cameron retains all these properties except the heat. This makes for an really interesting flora. There is rainforest here. But it is temperate! Of course, as you can imagine, Malaysians love the place – who wouldn’t love a place where you can cool down from equatorial heat?

The jungle walk in Tanah Rata

The jungle walk in Tanah Rata

The highlight of our stay was a hike through the jungle here in Tanah rata. When we set off, it was cool even though the sun was out (duh).

Random shot taken when there was a lull in the rain

Random shot taken when there was a lull in the rain

I took my jacket with me – it is an almost rain-proof jacket (the seams can leak a little bit of water under torrential rain) that is fleece lined inside (so it is warm as well). It also has a removable hood, which I had removed for a reason I cannot fathom right now. As we started going on this lovely trail with lots of obstacles that seemed like they hadn’t been cleared for a long while. Now and again we would come across a fallen, dead & decaying tree on our path. Constantly, there were puddles of water with foliage rotting in them. The dense jungle also made the views intensely claustrophobic and yet beautiful.

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