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Hi there! I am your host Rajesh Goli. I am a software engineer by profession and a programmer by passion. You can find out more about me on the About section. This site mainly contains some projects executed by me and my humble views on technolgies and life in general.

If you are a C/C++ enthusiast, browse though the portfolio section, you might see something interesting. Also check out the projects section it contains projects on varying topics: from biometric security to embedded TCP/IP, from computer graphics to DOS systems programming.

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If I had to recommend one article for you to read, it would be The Quest.

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I do not foresee posting anything other than blog-like posts in the site in the future. Hence, Iíve decided to start using Wordpress as my primary software on this site. Everything that was still is, it is located at Hopefully the ease of use of this software will motivate me to post more! :)

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I am no big fan of fiction, let me correct that - I was no big fan of fiction. I have been converted by podcasts - escape pod and podcastle. Escape pod is a science fiction story podcast and podcastle is a fantasy story podcast.

I really liked stories such as Exhalation, which is a truly amazing story - an alien "on the origin of species"; Article of faith, which talks about a religious robot; N-words, which deals with racism of a very different sort etc. On the fantasy side stories such as Dragon Hunt and Komodo were very entertaining. Do give them a try sometime.


I had mostly been reading only course material for quite some time now. This quarter was a little light on work load in terms of reading materials. Hence, I had some time to read something else for a change. Here is a short review of the books I read.


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Ankit infotech is a somewhat famous shop on SP Road. I recently had a very bad experience buying from this shop. In short - the treatment you get when you are buying something has no correlation with the treatment you get when you need repair or replacement!


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#1: You are better off doing what you do best even if you are really, really good at everything else.

A CEO is better off hiring a secretary even if he is a very good keeper of appointments and can type really fast. What he does best - hopefully - and thereby what he can do to add most value is CEOing.


Lot of people are contacting me for more information on the book. I don't have much information. However I request you to use this forum to share any information you have.

Note: Many readers have pointed out that some things I claim here are wrong (including the portability issue). Note that this article was written way back in 1999-2000, it may be absolutely irrelevent to later editions of the book. I haven't kept myself updated with the later editions, so please do not rely on this review.. Also note If any of the readers have a review of the later versions, please get in touch with me, I'll upload your reviews here.


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Lot of people are contacting me about this book and TSRs in general. I may not be able to help you via email or article comments. I request you to use this forum to post any questions, information and discussions on this topic. Thank you.

This book is for experts in C . It is not easy to follow this book if you dont have good knowledge of C . Since the book teaches TSRs , portability should be least of your concerns . This book has a lot of code and less than adequate explanation .


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I am no grammar Nazi, and quite often pick up and use neologisms. But one common mistake I'd very much like to see the back of is the usage of the word "common" to mean "come on". I see this more often than not in "chats" and in SMS. It is not uncommon for someone to say something like - "common man, it's not that far" - leaving me confused. Eventually it dawns on me that "common" must be read as "come on" and then it makes sense.

In the end, my humble plea is - "common guys, let us stop this usage".


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9. Rules

Rules. There are lots of them in this world. Everybody you meet says rules are there to be, at the very least, bent, if not broken. But very few actually do, at least the right ones - the mindless unconscious rules - rules that owe their existence to evolution or some such unconscious and foresight-less force.

Perhaps it takes wisdom, perhaps it leads tranquility...


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10. New Look

I am experimenting with various new looks. Do let me know what you think of the current look. :-)

Since this whole exercise is merely about changing the CSS, I can revert back to any previous look by replacing HTML tag! In fact, all the previous looks are available as alternate CSS's and can be displayed if your browser supports it. On Firefox /view/ -> /Page Style/ will show you available styles.

Update: I've added a menu to change the stylesheet (instantaneously). :-)


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